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What is a PLCA Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a microcontroller used manufacturing, buildings, factories, agriculture, and so on, in order to AUTOMATICALLY control the processes without the need for human.
What is SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is control system architecture comprising computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces (GUI) for high-level process supervisory management in order to MONITOR AND CONTROL THE PROCESSES
What is an HMI: A human machine interface is a graphical interface device that is normally connected with a PLC in order to monitor and control processes in the factory.

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Certified Siemens



6/Sep/2020 To 12/Sep/2020

Before  5,499

After    4,999

KAU Students: 3,575


Certified Siemens



6/Sep/2020 To 11/Sep/2020

Before  5,299

After    4,729

KAU Students: 2,800


Certified Siemens



6/Sep/2020 To 9/Sep/2020

Before  3,499

After    3,149

KAU Students: 1,500


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